10 top tips to boost your trade business’ online presence with Google Business

10 top tips to boost your trade business' online presence with Google Business

Google Business has the capacity to revolutionise your online presence, from enhancing your business’s discoverability to building trust and ensuring you are rightfully valued for your offerings.

Many businesses in various trades are realising the expanded capabilities of this tool. As an integral part of Google Maps, creating a Business Profile is now indispensable for ensuring your business is easily discoverable on Google. It has become a critical element in attracting new potential customers to your business.

10 top tips

Here we examine ways to leverage Google’s features to enhance your online business and achieve greater success.

  1. Business name – Ensure your business name aligns with your website; avoid adding keywords in an attempt to boost rankings, as this violates Google’s guidelines.
  2. Categories – Regularly review your business categories to ensure effective targeting of the right audience, as Google’s categories may undergo changes.
  3. Location – Specify your business location, especially if you cater to specific areas or suburbs, providing clarity on your operational areas.
  4. Opening hours – Maintain accurate opening hours to avoid customer calls outside of business hours; include public holidays and seasonal hours, prompted by the app.
  5. Photographs – Bring your profile to life by adding photos that showcase your workmanship. Include your best photos for each service category, images of your business vehicle, team, and completed projects (with permission).
  6. Short link – Generate a concise link directing visitors to your Google Maps listing, simplifying profile sharing with potential customers. Incorporate this link into your email signature or share it with clients to encourage reviews.
  7. Messaging – Enhance lead generation by enabling messaging on your listing, allowing visitors to easily communicate with you directly.
  8. Posts – Stand out and expand your listing’s visibility using Google Posts. Share brief posts with images showcasing news, events, or offers, appearing in local searches and Google Maps listings. As 70% of local searchers explore multiple businesses before deciding, these posts can tilt the decision in your favour.
  9. Questions – Anticipate inquiries by preloading commonly asked questions and answers in the Q&A section of your listing. Regularly monitor this section, as others can pose and respond to questions about your business.
  10. Reviews – Cultivate customer reviews on Google Business, responding to each review, positive or negative, to enhance your business’s credibility. Learn strategies to consistently garner 5-star reviews.

5 Ways Your Business Benefits from Google Business

Google Business, a free tool designed for small businesses, facilitates the creation and management of Google listings. These listings become visible when customers search for businesses on Google platforms such as Search and Maps. Beyond aiding customers in finding you, it serves as an effective means to share fundamental information about your business, attracting, engaging, and converting new customers.

Even if word of mouth drives most of your new leads, establishing a presence on Google Business is crucial. After all, potential leads likely researched your business on Google before making contact.

  1. Streamline customer contact
    Eliminate the frustration for customers trying to locate your business by providing easy access through Google Business. Include your website and phone number in your listing for straightforward communication. Should your contact details change, editing your listing is a hassle-free process-simply log in to your Google Business account and make updates at any time.
  2. Enhance local visibility
    During emergencies, individuals often turn to Google Maps to find local tradespeople swiftly. For example, if someone urgently needs a plumber to address a burst pipe, having your business listed on Google Business can be advantageous. When potential customers search terms like ‘plumber’ or ‘plumber near me,’ Google will feature your business profile on Maps if your location aligns with the customer’s immediate area, increasing the likelihood of appearing among the first results.
  3. Generate new leads
    If you’re experiencing a shortage of enquiries, Google Business is another channel to help fill your job pipeline. Add a link to your website enquiries form so you can keep track of new leads right in Tradify.
  4. Give prospective customers a reason to hire you
    Use the platform to tell new visitors what your business is all about and add a list of your services. This won’t affect your Google ranking, but it will help with customer experience.
  5. Charge what you’re worth
    Lastly, having a Google Business listing gives your trade business a certain level of credibility. You can use its many features to prove you provide a quality service – and are well worth the rate you charge.
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