A new website helped a local business achieve a 16.65% conversion rate

P Garnett Contractors

Website Design, Copywriting, SEO


P Garnett Contractors wanted to greatly improve their web presence to bring in more enquiries. Their online coverage was sporadic and they needed a focal point to effectively appeal to potential customers and bring in new leads.

We built them a website that would inform and engage customers and encourage them to get in touch with the company.

P Garnett Contractors received their first enquiry within 24 hours of their new website going live. By the end of the year they had received tens of thousands of pounds worth of enquires that they otherwise might have missed.

After 12 months we rebuilt the website utilising what we had learnt about the users over the past year to improve the user experience. These changes created a positive impact with a further increase in conversions.


Average conversion rate for a website


P Garnett Contractor’s conversion rate

The client previously owned a website but it had not proven cost effective. The website was not optimised for mobile devices, did not appeal to search engines and hadn’t been built with the user experience in mind.

It was not surprising that the website failed to generate leads and create new business. This left the client feeling frustrated and reluctant when it came to considering another website.

Between July 2020 and July 2021 P Garnett’s website achieved an incredible 16.65% conversion rate. This means almost 17% of all visitors to the website got in touch with the company.

Depending where you look you’ll find different claims for the average conversion rate for all websites but this never exceeds 5%. The top 10% of websites supposedly achieve a conversion rate of 11.45% and higher. This means P Garnett’s website performed well above average.